Thursday, 7 May 2009

three weeks before the show

I feel under quite a bit of pressure at the moment. I'm trying to get as many of the costumes done as i can but this becomes increasingly more difficult when the people who are meant to be wearing the costumes haven't been cast yet. I seem to be in everyday making costumes but i never feel like I'm getting anywhere and instead of having three jobs finished and 5 more to do, i seem to have finished a few bits from each which in turn leaves me feeling like I've done nothing because nothings been finished! This method of working doesn't suit me as i tend to get one job done before moving on to the next, i find it very difficult to focus on more than one thing at once and as a result the quality of my work tends to suffer. i need to change the way in which I'm working or i may end up with 10 poorly made costumes instead of the 10 well made costumes i know I'm capable of. My other work is beginning to suffer also, as although my written work is completed for my other modules, i still need to adjust certain bits of it in order to get a better grade or there would be no point in handing it in early for feedback. i seem to be setting time aside to complete this work then letting something else that needs doing creep into that time. The only solution may be to do more work in the evenings, however i am never at my best in the evenings and this may result in more poor work. I feel the best solution to this problem is to list the jobs that need to be done and timetable them into my busy schedule! wish me luck!

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