Monday, 11 May 2009

Design Day

We had a weekend in which the whole company were available to us to help build props and costumes for the show. Before the company arrived we sat down and decided who would be good at which sort of job and then divided the company into costumers, painters and builders. We then wrote a list of the jobs that needed to be completed so that every time someone was finished on one job, they had another job to go straight into. we also decided at this point on break times so that the company would work hard without going off every two seconds for a drink etc. During the morning i was left in charge of the costume build while Carolina went with Skye to get bits and bobs that we needed. I found this less difficult than i had anticipated mainly due to the fact that the people that worked with me were enthusiastic about working and therefore got the jobs done quickly. I found this really encouraging and helped me to feel more confident about asking them to do jobs, at one point however i did get stressed as the room started to fill up with lots of people, and when working in a crowded environment i often get agitated and grumpy, however, i asked politely for the people who weren't needed to go and work got back on track. All in all the company worked so well that they weren't needed for the next day as all the work had been done, therefore we used Sunday as an unscheduled rehearsal which was an added bonus!

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