Thursday, 23 April 2009

SU Night

All in all, i think it should be said that the SU night was a GREAT success! Everyone who came had a great time, the entertainment was FAB and we raised a lot of money! There were sections of the night that could have been better organised but generally i think we pulled it off and we should be very proud of ourselves as pretty much everyone got stuck in on the night! it was fab to be all together, i had a really great time, special thanks you should go to Kathleen who was on the door ALL NIGHT!! also Amir who was in charge of Sheesha pipes and the Matt who pretty much guarded the back door for most of the night. well done guys. Another big thank you to all the people who provided entertainment, it was fab and everyone was commenting on the range of entertainment there was so thank you guys!!! This isn't really a blog entry but just a post to express gratitude to all who had a hand in the night, also quick thank you to Mark Griffin!! You even did a stint on the door (in between dancing) fab, thanks Mark!!!

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