Thursday, 5 March 2009

Venue Liason

Under the title Venue Liason, it was my responsibility to organise the groups initial viewing of the venue, and to keep the venue informed of any group decisions that will affect it and any other information that they might need as the project progresses. unfortunately i felt like i had stumbled at the first hurdle as it were, as it became increasingly more difficult to pint he venue down to a preliminary meeting date, due to crossed wires, and other commitments. but as time went on i feel i have managed to form a sturdy relationship with the venue, and more particularly a relationship within which they fully understand the project and what we are trying to achieve. The first meeting with Sarah, from Chiswick was very exciting. in the first instance i was very nervous and not entirely sure whether they would agree to letting us use the grounds for the project, but it became clear as the meeting went on that they were very keen for us to use the grounds, and very keen about what it would do for the house and grounds themselves. I think at times being venue liason might become quite difficult but for now its OK and i think by the time the difficulties arise we will have a much better relationship with the house.

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