Thursday, 5 March 2009

Site Visit

We had a Hard Hat day last week when the whole group got the opportunity to view the grounds that the production will take place in. i think most of you will agree how inspiring and exciting it was visiting the venue. from walking around the are i began to get so many ideas and images of what the show could be like. for example princesses running over the bridge with their dresses flowing behind them, and pirates sailing down the canal on little wooden sail boats. The feel of some of the sections in the garden is so magical, it can almost make you feel like a child in some ways. when we went down to the amphitheatre with the pool in the middle, it made me think of a mermaid pool and i could imagine music being played around it and people dancing. when the tour was over i felt so excited about the project i wanted to start straight away!

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Mark Griffin said...

Where are the water nymphs?