Sunday, 29 March 2009

Costume design

So today I've started my costume designs for the show. Carolina and i have decided on a Lord of the rings meets Narnia theme for the clothing, the costumes will be quite an Edwardian style in terms of dresses- empire lines and long flowing hemlines. but for the other costumes, we want everything to look quite mythic with a strong inspiration from woodland and nature. I started my design for the Tree Tricksters; Carolina and I previously discussed the idea of the tricksters camouflaging with the environment and wearing a raw sort of leather, so I've decided to go with a ripped short initially, with a pale green undershirt and a brown faded leather waistcoat type item tied together with cord. we also discussed the sorts of weapons that the characters will carry and decided on quite a few people having bow and arrows so i have incorporated this into each of my designs with additional weapons for the elders (a tool belt type item with an axe and a sword.) We decided on an individual colour for each tribe and i have been using it to accent each costume i design, so for example, the elder for the Bedouin tribe is a (i have designed it as a female) female, her costume would consist of a black, velvet empire line dress with draping sleeves. see has a turquoise sash tied at the waste and a utility belt with a sword and axe. she has a turquoise sash which is attached to her bow and arrow. i thought it might be interesting if each of the elders had a big gold chain holding the coloured gem that represents their tripe and as the tribe members meet each elder they could collect the stones and use them to form the key at the end? I'm really enjoying designing the costumes, even if they won't all be used, or may be modified by Tina. it lets me be creative in a certain direction and I'm beginning to feel a passion for the project growing, and a little more scarily, a huge responsibility growing! There will be pictures to follow....

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