Thursday, 27 November 2008

Ritual and Myth

I learnt something about myself in today's lecture, and that's that i am over cautious and in a very British way, embarrassed about making a scene, mind the pun. Our task in today's lecture was to produce a piece of drama, about/ based on rituals and myths in an area of university which holds a particular meaning to us as a group. some groups did their pieces in the Ref, some people did pieces near the church and some people did pieces at the train station. our piece was set in Al's workshop, as that held a particular meaning for us. we created a sound scape of our memories in a way of working in the theatre and with Al in particular, but our piece turned out incredibly differently to everyone Else's piece as the rest of the group had made reconstructions of memories in certain locations. these pieces were all very interesting but i found that when performing things in a public location i feared for the unsuspecting public who became tangled in the piece without their knowledge. i felt embarrassed for them and my worry for their feelings left me uninterested in the piece. i don't think i will be able to produce work like this... but i think I'd like to try?!

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