Thursday, 23 April 2009

First Costume Session

I had my first design day on Tuesday which went incredibly well. we started off with a production meeting which gave me the kick up the bum i needed in terms of sorting out details about the show with Sarah, there were many things we needed to know the answers for before we could progress with the show which meant it became my first priority to find out. The production meeting also became an opportunity to divide work out between the group instead of taking it on myself. as the whole group was there at the meeting they could volunteer for jobs that needed doing which saved me having to ask! very helpful. after the meeting i moved on to my costume commitments. I went through my designs with Tina which went well, with only one query in terms of storyline was that the name "Bedouin" brings up connotations of how the costume should look, and as we have decided to go with a very definite theme (Lord of the Rings style) it will have to be the name that's changed, this will be discussed with the writers on Thursday. With my costume designs approved, i got to work and started cutting the 13 waistcoats for the Tree Tricksters out of brown suede like material. After cutting 10 of the waistcoats out i realised i had run out of material, so Tina and I made the decision to make the 3 main Tree Tricksters (Amir, Zoe and Luisa) stand out from the others and give them different waistcoats but in the same style as everyone else. these waistcoats will be found in Tina's Cabin with the possibility of one being made from the scraps of brown material that is left. After cutting all the waistcoats out i sewed together the shoulders and pinned the backs ready for the fittings of the Tree Tricksters when they have been cast. Next Tuesday i will be having fittings most of the day after the production meeting to establish what needs to be made and what can be used from Tina's stock. I felt the day was very productive although i am further behind than everyone else which means i need to start putting in more time, maybe Thursday will become a costume day for me also next week, i will have to discuss this with Tina the next time i see her!

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