Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Verbatim Theatre

In the last lecture, we discussed the concept of Verbatim theatre and had a brief look at some examples of verbatim plays. I was very interested in this type of theatre and i can see how it can be used to educate in some way, or maybe even provide support for a certain group of people. For example, the verbatim theatre piece "Cancer Tales" is based on the stories of individuals living with cancer. Instead of focusing on the medical side of things, this play focuses on the emotional side of the illness, charting the highs, and even more importantly, the lows. this play has been shown at medical conferences, with the intention of educating doctors in what their patients have, or may go through. But another function of this play is to provide support, for those suffering from cancer, and those living with loved ones affected by cancer, to show their not alone, and that others have felt what they are feeling. i think this is a remarkable feat in a play, something which was originally intended to entertain, and i will be thinking about this form of theatre when considering what it is i intend to do for my practical work.

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