Thursday, 9 October 2008

Overspill vs Fight Face

We read through the beginning section of Overspill today in class. i thought the idea and concept for the play was an interesting one and was fascinated by the bravery showed by the writer to produce a play about Bromley and then perform at a theatre in Bromely. i think the risk of offending people and producing unrealistic stereotypes as characters is great and was amazed by how Ali Taylor overcame this situation. The 3 main characters tell their story to the audience which makes them seem like real people which Taylor has observed, getting rid of the idea that these characters are a stereotypical view of people living in Bromley.
Fight Face however, instead of trying to get away from the idea of stereotyping characters, embraces it, from the lazy builders, to the Essex chav Sophie Woolley plays on the characters that she had observed in a Hammersmith Kebab house. Although the stereotypes in this play produced a comedic effect, they were sometimes 2 dimensional and it became difficult to identify with them This was not true of all characters, as you began to feel compassion for the kebab shop owner and also for the posh artist.
All in all i feel i would have to see the whole of Overspill to make a proper comparison. It's coming up at the Soho theatre next week, so i will keep you posted!

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